Uruguayan Beef
Uruguayan Beef

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Just Savor It!

Uruguay is in the southern part of the South American temperate climate zone. There are thousands of cattle and sheep grazing on the Pampas Plain throughourt the year. Due to its beautiful scenery and stable social environment. Uruguay is knows as the Switzerland of South America.

Unlike some cattle-raising developed countries which have implemented a series of new feed processing technology to improve economic benefit. Uruguay always keeps the mixed pattern of scientific management and natural grass-feed. There is no antibiotic, hormone or other animal protein in the new-born calf feed. Therefore, Uruguay has established its pollution free beef and mutton brand in the world.

For each cattle prior to six-month age, the RFID code is offered to record information of its birth, growth, blood relationship,farm and whereabouts.

The Uruguay National Meat Insitute (INAC) has developed a complete traceability system, which collects identity code information of the beef, slaughter and processing information, end-products information and transport information. All these information is called electronic information system of meat industry (SEIIC). People prdfer to call it the Balck box of meat.

The Uruguay Ministry of Agriculture (GMAP) carries out slaughter licensing system on all beef processing plants in the country. Only the processing plants with complete information can get license and only the qualified beef export processing plants can get the certificate of origin, which prevents low-quality meat from flowing into the circulation market.

Uruguay high-end meat exported to the international market is packaged by the material with low oxygen transmission rate. This way of package reduces the contact of meat with oxygen to the maximum extend which helps retain original quality of meat.

As the main export area of Uruguay beef, Europe is filled with Uruguayan beef in the supermarkets.

We have brought the most premium products from Pampas, with kept high quality as always just in order to allow more people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Natural, healthy, safe, just savor it!

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