Madagascar Shrimp
Madagascar Shrimp

Net content:2kg/box


A taste will tell the truth

We find the products of best quality in the world and bring them to China for the first time.

Let people enjoy delicious food and feel the taste of sea.

The shrimp farms are located in the boundless mangrove ecological zone,where the ecosystme is critical to marine biodiversity. Most of the shrimp is feeding by the natural product from the farm water area, and there is no genetically modified product, no terrestrial animal powder or pharmaceutical additive in the complement feed as well.

The shrimp is crispy, juicy, fragrant and delicious with inseperable flesh texture and palatable taste. It is the only shrimp that gets the red quality certification label issued by French Minstry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The shrimp is pink, transparent, crispy and juicy with inseperable flesh texture and mellow taste. It is fresh, delicious and mellow and can be regarded as the shrimp of best quality.